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Lobster Recipes: Lobster Bake

Most communities have some version or another of the Maine lobster bake. In the deep South it is the crab, crawfish or shrimp boil and in the Midwest the fish fry. The traditional lobster bake is the most involved of the three, because it requires building a fire pit. This is a great large group activity in which the purchasing and construction duties may be spread out among a large crowd. This is a traditional beach activity, but there are many packages available online that sell everything from the live lobsters, mussels and clams to seaweed fresh off of the beach.

Preparation Time: 1 hour

    2 small red potatoes
    1 ear of corn, outer most husks shucked
    small onions peeled and halved
    1 pound chicken lobsters
    1/4 pound clams
    melted or drawn butter
    (seaweed optional)

  • Individually wrap potatoes and onions in aluminum foil and place on top of the seaweed

  • Place corn on top of the potatoes and onions

  • Place lobsters on the potatoes and onions

  • Place the clams on top of the lobsters

  • Cover the whole bake with aluminum foil weighted down with bricks

  • Cook for 45 to 60 minutes, keeping the fire stoked. Test for doneness by cracking a lobster claw.

For the fire pit:

1. Bake plates made of aluminum to top the fire pit. I've heard of 50 gallon drums being flattened out and commercial aluminum pans being used. Some seasoned professionals actually have the plates fashioned at a machine shop.

2. Enough cinder blocks to support the bake plates two high along two sides of the fire pit.

3. Hardwood for fire. If you must use charcoal, just use it to start the fire and save the hardwood for actual cooking. Charcoal makes food taste like charcoal.

4. Lots of seawater soaked seaweed (rockweed is most often used).

5. A large roll of aluminum foil.

To build the fire:

1. Clear debris in the area of the pit size

2. Make two parallel lines with the cinderblocks two rows high

3. Start the fire

4. Put the bake plates on top of the cinderblocks

5. Place the seaweed on top of the bakeplates

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